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Every year I try to pick one photo that is worthy of attention as “Picture of the Year.” If I were smart, I wouldn’t do that – unfortunately – I am sometimes not smart. I know that no matter what photo I select, there will be those who disagree. That’s not the point. Obviously, it’s supremely difficult to pick just one photo and declare it the picture of the year. There are many contenders. It’s about picking one that really stands out and rewarding it – ON BEHALF OF ALL THE GREAT ONES!

It’s based on my personal opinion, and the urgings of my staff, so it’s very subjective. This year, it came down to one pretty quickly. Last year it was a shot by Rafael (RC) Concepcion, Education and Curriculum Developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. As a matter of coincidence, this year’s photo was made by his boss, the one and only Scott Kelby.

Scott’s shot of a runner at an Iron Man competition was simply arresting. The first moment I saw it, I stopped everything I was doing and found myself transfixed. It’s got all the important elements of a great picture, including drama and story.

The backlit exposure, the color, the framing and the mood all work together to create a winning photograph.

Of course the lighting and exposure are perfect. The image is sharp and the color is great. But those are just technical details. As with last year’s shot, it’s the story that wins here.

The fact that these athletes compete in the toughest conditions…the fact that they often do it in a lonely pursuit of excellence… well that is borne out by Scott Kelby’s stunning image. It’s a winner in every way, and well deserving of the Photofocus 2010 Picture of the Year.

Congrats to Scott Kelby. We’ll make a donation to Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep in honor of his achievement.


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