Recently, several Photofocus audience members have asked about switching from Lightroom to Aperture. Their concern is how to effectively transfer their images from Lightroom catalogs to Aperture libraries. After discussing this with Apple’s Aperture team, here’s the best practice for such a move.

There is a command in LR – SAVE METADATA TO FILE

This effectively writes out an XMP file for each file:

A straight forward drag/drop of folders filled like this will Import those images into Aperture and will read that XMP file. Items converted over include:

*IPTC metadata (I haven’t tested every last bit of metadata)
*Star ratings
*Color Labels (LR only supports five colors and those colors don’t transfer to the Finder)
*Flags DO NOT transfer over.

Of course Adjustments do not carry over but files that are adjusted can be keyworded (with Adjusted, perhaps) and then those files can be searched for, exported as 16 bit TIFFs (effectively ‘master prints’) and then reimported into Aperture.

We have not found a way to search for Adjusted files though, in LR. (Ones that haven’t been keyworded)

Hopefully this helps.
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