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Editing window light in Luminar 4
Portrait Tips: Using window light
Photographer of the Day: Plane Sight Images
Inspiration Can Strike Anywhere (Or How I Made the Most Viewed Photos of My Career)
Use A Telephoto Lens And Good Light For Holidays
Find Great Light on the Edge
How I Got the Shot – Backlit with Window Light
Quick: You Have 5 Minutes to Get the Shot. Where Do You Start?
Create Raindrops on a Frosted Window in Photoshop

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Find Great Light on the Edge

Tony Corbel, a true master of lighting, taught me to practice seeing great light everywhere I go, and the more I look the more I find it. One place I always find a good patch of portrait light is right

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Create Raindrops on a Frosted Window in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, learn how to create raindrops using a custom brush, Layer Styles, and Filters! We’ll also cover how to create a ‘frosted’ window with moisture that has been rubbed away. [youtube=] Disclaimer: This is just one way

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Spring fever for photographers

Ah, spring. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s that time of year again. Fresh starts, fresh air and time to get outside (hopefully). Sometimes it’s just enough to get out and enjoy photographing whatever it is you

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