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How to know when your white is really white
How to use the whites & black sliders in Lightroom
Photography 101: How to read and understand a histogram
Quick Tip: Detailed Clipping Preview
Whites & Blacks Clipping Sliders in Lightroom
Finish Fireworks Photos in Lightroom! It’s Easy

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Photofocus Quick Tip Lightroom

Quick Tip: Detailed Clipping Preview

If you want to set the white point and black point in your photos with precision, you’ll want to take advantage of the detailed clipping preview option in Lightroom. Go beyond the clipping display you can enable from the histogram,

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No clipping adjustment on the left. What a difference those two controls make to the photo on the right!

Whites & Blacks Clipping Sliders in Lightroom

Right there in Lightroom’s Develop module are two enigmatic sliders. Whites and Blacks. What do these two do? The word “clipping” in the title is a clue. These sliders set the brightest and darkest parts of a photograph. Of course,

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