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Wes Maggio

The InFocus Interview Show special edition with Joe Edelman and Roberto Valenzuela | Photofocus Podcast May 3, 2019
The InFocus Interview Show with Wes Maggio | Photofocus Podcast July 6, 2018
Instant Replay: Enhancing Color in Lightroom with Wes Maggio
Fast Retouching in Photoshop with Wes Maggio from Wacom
Peter Krogh & Wes Maggio | Photofocus Podcast 2/15/14

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Fast Retouching in Photoshop with Wes Maggio from Wacom

Wes Maggio from Wacom joins us to share a quick tip on processing a portrait of Skylar he shot in the desert in Las Vegas during Photoshop World last month. Starting in Lightroom, Wes works through the develop module, but then jumps into Photoshop for a window replacement made easy by using a Wacom pen tablet.

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