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Dreamy monochrome seashore scene with moody sky

The evolution of an image begins at the camera

My husband (Photofocus contributor Steve Eilenberg) frequently chides me for not editing tightly enough, of hanging on to image files that I “will never use and never show”. There is

Photographer of the Day: fiore_lla4ever

Category: Sports Photographer: fiore_lla4ever “fammi volare” This kitesurfing photograph struck me for several reasons. For one, the contrast. Black and white photographs in sports, in my opinion, are usually difficult

Photographer of the Day: Rich Wich

Category: Sports Photograph: Rich Wich “Kiteboarding Puget Sound” Kiteboarding is one of those sports that I’ve seen take place year-round. Last year, I captured it in sub-zero degree temperatures in

Photographer of the Day: Cecil Ramsey

Category: Sports Photograph: Cecil Ramsey “Ben – Lake Minneola HS” Cecil’s ability to capture the swimmer mid-stroke is impressive. The emotion on the swimmer’s face as he pushes his arms

Photographer of the Day: martijnvdnat

Category: Travel Photograph: martijnvdnat “Silent City” I’ve never been to the Netherlands, but looking at this photograph makes me want to hop on a plane and take a trip! This

Photographer of the Day: Jim Sollows

Category: Sports Photograph: Jim Sollows “Fort Langley Paddling Team” I’m used to seeing images of paddlers from the river banks, looking straight on at the boat. But Jim’s unique perspective

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Category: Sports Photograph: Joe “Early Surf” The anticipation in Joe’s shot of a surfer is clear — he’s ready to go running towards the water. The color here is spot-on,

What to Do When Your Camera Gets Dropped in Water

I recently noticed my camera had a lot of dirt on it, so I took it to the nearest creek and threw it in for a good scrubbing. OK, maybe not, what actually happened was every photographer’s nightmare. Setting up on the side of a creek to photograph a series of rapids, I tripped, with the result of my camera getting a solid dunking.

Now, speaking from experience, this is what we call an “Oh [email protected]#t!!!…” moment. A 10 on the “Brown Pants” scale. In other words, an unpleasant experience.  However, quick action and a proper drying out process can, in some cases, save your gear from an untimely demise. Despite its underwater expedition, my DSLR is still alive and well thanks to the tips below.

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Category: Sports Photograph: Joe “A Break from the Waves” There’s something about surfing that speaks to me. This shot is great for two reasons. One, minimalism is clearly showcased here,

Why Long Exposure Photography?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Leanne Cole, an incredible photographer from Melbourne, Australia. See more of her work here, and we hope to see more education from

Photographer of the Day: Scott Westhoven

Category: Sports Photograph: Scott Westhoven Scott puts a perfect cap on summer with this first-person sailing photograph. The colors on the sailboat, while subdued, pop against the blue water and

Photographer of the Day: Peter Hickson

Category: Sports Photograph: Peter Hickson “Racing in Hayling Bay” Peter does a great job of working around the conditions in capturing this photo of a racing sailboat in Hayling Bay.

Photographer of the Day: George Adkins

Category: Sports Photograph: George Adkins “The Monochrome Surf” Just in time for summer, George captured this awesome surfing shot at Crystal Pier in San Diego. The monochrome edit here puts

Photographer of the Day: Michael Hoffman

Category: Sports Photograph: Michael Hoffman “Racing to the Finish” Michael showcases a high school rowing championship with this photograph, where he zooms in on two specific rowers, both of which

Photographer of the Day: Patrick Gorden

Category: Sports Photography Photograph: by Patrick Gorden The emotion that Patrick captures with the man in the kayak gives a calming reflection of the life lived by the man. And the

Jacob Jackson: Dark Skies

Photographer of the Day: Jacob Jackson

Category: Nature Photographer: Jacob Jackson Title: Dark Skies Evocative. At first glance, the frame does not give a clear sense of scale. It make the viewer wonder how big are

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