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Verity Milligan

Photographer of the day: Verity Milligan

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One of our favorite backpacks is on sale

The WANDRD FERNWEH backpack is on sale, at 15% off! Perfect for whether you’re hiking in the snow or enjoying the warm sunshine, the FERNWEH gives you ample room for all your photography gear (and then some). Save over $50

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Building your pricing structure

Once you know what types of goods and services your photography business will be offering, you can develop a pricing structure for them. What do you need to consider when determining the price of your services? In this chapter, instructor

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Three reasons to add grain to your photos

Grain is a word used in film photography to describe the fineness of detail a film or paper is capable of capturing. Landscape photographers typically want the finest detail possible, which comes from fine grained films. Documentary photographers and journalists

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