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Photographer of the Day: John Sessa

Category: Sports Photographer: John Sessa I love John’s capture here, because it shows the anticipation and emotion as the surfer is about to hit the waves. It gives a sense

Photographer of the Day: fiore_lla4ever

Category: Sports Photographer: fiore_lla4ever “fammi volare” This kitesurfing photograph struck me for several reasons. For one, the contrast. Black and white photographs in sports, in my opinion, are usually difficult

Photographer of the Day: Dave DeBaeremaeker

Category: Sports Photograph: Dave DeBaeremaeker It’s not common that you see silhouettes in sports photographs. But Dave does a fantastic job of this, capturing a surfer at Golden Hour carrying

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Category: Sports Photograph: Joe “Early Surf” The anticipation in Joe’s shot of a surfer is clear — he’s ready to go running towards the water. The color here is spot-on,

Photographer of the Day: George Adkins

Category: Sports Photograph: George Adkins “The Monochrome Surf” Just in time for summer, George captured this awesome surfing shot at Crystal Pier in San Diego. The monochrome edit here puts