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My audience doesn’t like my photos
Why a watermark shouldn’t be a part of your marketing strategy
“Printing” to a JPEG file in Lightroom Classic
Photography Marketing: Share the love
Adobe Spark Post Comes to Android
Adobe brings powerful new features to Lightroom CC and Classic
Photography Marketing: Boosting Your Online Brand with Adobe Spark
Photography Marketing: Why a Watermark Shouldn’t Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Photography Marketing: Share the love

Throughout my years as a photographer, and even in this marketing column, I’ve shown ways how to promote yourself as a creative. Through platforms like Facebook and Instagram, e-mail newsletters and even business cards, it’s important to market your skillset.

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Adobe Spark Post Comes to Android

Fresh off of some major updates for Lightroom this morning, Adobe has announced an Adobe Spark Post beta for Android devices. Offering nearly the same feature set as its iOS and web counterparts, the Android version is a beta version

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