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Photographer of the Day: Mike Millspaugh

Category: Sports Photographer: Mike Millspaugh “Newgarden” A great example of panning, Mike captures a racer during qualifying for the Indy Grand Prix. Here, the background is simple yet helps to

Photographer of the Day: John Sessa

Category: Sports Photographer: John Sessa “Gulfstream Park, Florida Derby Day 2018!” John gives a unique perspective at the start of the horse race — right as they’re pushing out of

Photographer of the Day: Lee Dolman

Category: Sports Photographer: Lee Dolman “…Fast…..” Lee’s photograph is a great example of how to use panning in sports photography. The race car is crystal sharp, and by having a

Photographer of the Day: Bert de Bruin

Category: Sports Photograph: Bert de Bruin “audi” The contrast of the red versus white in this photograph of an Audi race car is simply stunning. By keeping the car at

Photographer of the Day: Jesse Pells

Category: Sports Photograph: Jesse Pells “Dream Racing Motorsport – Lamborghini Huracan GT3” I love the elegance and tone to Jesse’s photograph, as it highlights a stark contrast between the car

Photographer of the Day: daniel bailey

Category: Sports Photograph: daniel bailey “Heading to the gate” Daniel’s photograph of two horse jockeys chatting is one of my favorite sports behind-the-scenes shots I’ve seen. It’s simple and minimalist,

Photographer of the Day: Plane Motorsport 2014

Category: Sports Photograph: Plane Motorsport 2014 CAL CRUTCHLOW #35 This photograph of a motorcycle race is a perfect example of panning, where the background blurs as you follow the subject.

Photographer of the Day: Brady

Category: Sports Photograph: Brady “Indianapolis 500” Brady gets a different view of the excitement at the Indianapolis 500, focusing on capturing a wide shot of the ground with cars driving

Photofocus Photographer of the Day Camilo Getzama'

Photographer of the Day: Camilo Getzamá‎

Category: Sports Photograph: Camilo Getzamá‎ “Night race” Camilo gives us a shot of a go-cart race, which is noticeably sharp. By selecting to edit this in black and white, some

Photographer of the Day: Peter Hickson

Category: Sports Photograph: Peter Hickson “Racing in Hayling Bay” Peter does a great job of working around the conditions in capturing this photo of a racing sailboat in Hayling Bay.

Photographer of the Day: Tony Prince

Category: Sports Photography Photographer: Tony Prince The separation of red and blue colors on the track help to frame the motorcycle rider, while still showcasing the great speed that the race is

Photographer of the Day: Tomas Salinka

Category: Sports Photography Photograph: “Drift Honda S2000” by Tomas Salinka Tomas’ ability to capture the motion of the Honda car really makes this photo shine. While the car is kept perfectly in-focus and sharp,

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