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Make your client feel at ease with a smile
Select the right prop to create a new look or mood
Think twice before deleting a photo
Quick Tip: Save time, crop in camera
Quick Tips: Dedicate a memory card to one photoshoot
Quick Tip: Take the safe shots, then get creative
Quick Tip: Create a rule for when to delete or keep a photo
Quick Tip: Create a shot list
Quick Tip: Have patience when working with animals
Quick Tip: Make sure your watermark strikes a balance between showcasing and protecting your work
Quick Tip: Download and install eyelash brushes for realistic eyelashes in Photoshop
Quick Tip: Crop for impact

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Quick Tip: A clamps pull wrinkles out of shirts.

Quick Tip: Ridding Shirts of Wrinkles

Shirts wrinkle. This is a fact of life. In portraits, wrinkles are distracting undesirables. When doing a head and shoulders portrait, have the subject leave her or, in this case, his shirttails untucked. Add one 2 inch “A” clamp to

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