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Portrait Retouching

Fast and easy workflow to select, edit and retouch portraits in Lightroom Classic
Quick Tip: Use Photoshop’s Face-Aware Liquify to quickly slim a face
Portrait Retouch Part 3 of 3: Adding a Finishing Touch with Luminar 2018
Portrait Retouch Part 2 of 3: Smoothing Skin, Sculpting the Face and Removing Blemishes
Portrait Retouch Part 1 of 3: Enhancing Eyes and Facial Features
How to Use Photoshop’s New Face-Aware Liquify

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How to Use Photoshop’s New Face-Aware Liquify

Photoshop’s Liquify tool has been used by many photographers and retouchers to slim a subject or to accent their curves. It’s a very powerful tool that took a little getting use to. In Photoshop’s latest release—Photoshop CC 2015-5—Adobe added Face-Aware

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Abstract photography turns motion into gorgeous textures

Motion in photography typically evokes concepts like energy, activity and restlessness. That makes it a powerful visual cue for portraying the frenetic energy of the world’s biggest and busiest cities. However, Munich-based landscape photographer and visual artist Roland Krämer was

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Tami Bevis, nature photographer

This week we’re getting to know community member, Tami Bevis. Tami is a photographer of many things. She rarely goes out without her camera in hand and makes an almost daily habit of photographing the world around her. Haven’t joined

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Luminar AI Quick Tip: Portrait AI - youtube

Master skin and portrait retouching with LuminarAI

With LuminarAI, you can easily master skin and portrait retouching, or gently shape a body thanks to the PortraitAI tools. Photofocus publisher Rich Harrington shows you how to get things done. Save on LuminarAI and get our free Boot Camp video

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