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Your First Phantom Drone – Part 2: Unboxing and Preparation
Your First Phantom Drone: Part 1 – Getting Started
DJI’s Phantom 4: A Photographer’s Take
Storytelling with a Drone

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Photofocus Feature Drone Works

Storytelling with a Drone

I bought my first drone last December. I learned to fly it reasonably well. I bought my second one in March. It had a camera and a first person view (FPV) monitor so I could compose my shot remotely. Over

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Avoiding the harsh, direct flash look

One of the biggest reasons why I don’t like pop-up flashes is that it gives uneven, harsh lighting directed at your subject. Even with an on-camera speedlight, the same effect can happen. And while you can play around with the

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High Key 01

Easy high key lighting with two lights

Creating high key light is making sure there is enough light on your background so it is pure white, with no shadows. This can be done using strobes or LEDs or a mixture of both types of light. There are several

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