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one light

Create beautiful black and white portraits using one light
Portrait Tips: Be ready to be nimble
Portrait Tips: Shuffle the subject
Portrait Tips: One light on black
Making soft light
Learn the secrets of using one light in this masterclass
Learn to use one light in this Joel Grimes masterclass
InFocus Interview Show, special edition: Photography tips from Photoshop World with Greg Kusumi
Learn to photograph portraits with one light, with a free Viewbug membership

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Ice Skating header Levi Sim-1

Portrait Tips: One light on black

I answered the phone, and it was my buddy, Gary. He said, “Hey, Levi. I’ve got a great idea.” Now, you should know that I’m always up for an adventure, and Gary and I have had a lot of them.

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Making soft light

In this ThinkTAPLearn video, instructor Levi Sim talks about how to create soft light for your portrait photographs. He discusses multiple ways to diffuse and reflect light, as well as modifier options like umbrellas and softboxes. Want to learn more

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