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Learn to control and shape light with a free Viewbug membership
Gear Review: Impact 5-in-1 Reflector with Handles
Mirrorless Camera Maniac: Amazing Speedlight Solution for All Cameras
How to Use On-Camera Flash for Events
Modifying Speedlights & Magmod
Photofocus Photowalk: San Diego’s Embarcadero with Levi Sim and Erika Thornes
Photofocus Photowalk: Lighting Up the Night in Chicago with Levi Sim & David Crewe
Photofocus Photowalk: Lightless in Seattle, or Speedlighting the Fremont Troll
When to Use Photoshop: Head Swapping
My Most Profitable Light Is Also My Cheapest
Powerful Environmental Portraits Need 3 Things
Beat a Rainy Day With a Polarizer and One Tool That’s Practically Free

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How to Use On-Camera Flash for Events

Using an on-camera flash at an indoor event is probably the simplest way to make pictures of small groups look their best. At weddings, parties, and fundraisers, friends and families are together for a short time and they are surprisingly

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Levi_Sim Magmod cover-1

Modifying Speedlights & Magmod

Making great light is essential to making great portraits. And I mean that: you’ve got to make great light. You can find a good source of available light, but I’ve rarely seen any available light that couldn’t be made better,

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When to Use Photoshop: Head Swapping

I’m a Lightroom guy. I like to use Lightroom because it’s simple and helps my photographs look the way I imagined when I clicked the shutter. However, sometimes I just need the powers of Photoshop to make the best picture

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Panasonic GH4, Leica Nocticron, f/4, 1/40s, ISO 100.

How to: Make Magic with a Flash and Rear Sync

The most powerful flash setting you have is the one that controls when your flash fires. This setting works for your pop-up flash, for a speedlight on your camera, and for any off-camera light you’re controlling. It’s called Rear Sync,

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white backgrounds

Four ways to photograph white backgrounds

Sometimes the simplest things can produce the most results. Sometimes the least expensive things can open up more doors than you ever thought was possible. Sometimes photography feels like magic. White backgrounds are such things. Below, I will be sharing

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