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The Photoshop Tools you should NOT use

Needless to say, there are almost always multiple ways to do something in Photoshop, and more than one tool to use to get to the same end. On the surface, it

6 Reasons Not to Work Non-Destructively

I’m a big (huge) advocate of working non-destructively in Photoshop. To me it just makes sense to build Photoshop documents that take advantage of all the non-destructive methods that are

Smart Flow not Workflow

(PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We welcome Dave Cross as a new contributor to the Photofocus team.) In this video I show an example of what I mean by Smart Flow: how using

How to Crop Nondestructively in Photoshop

A good crop in Photoshop can go a long way to improve the composition of a photo. Selectively discarding pixels can really help focus the viewer’s attention and tell a