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Photographer of the Day: tony.oleary5

Category: Sports Photographer: tony.oleary5 “Moon is low tonight….” Tony has a little fun with this image, showing the “moon” being captured by the field hockey player. The composition really shows

Quick Tip: Use the Moon to Find the Sun

The other morning I was in the mountains waiting for the sun to rise and looking for the right composition. The moon was helping me because it was indicating exactly

Photographing a Full Moon

Many of you are probably wondering how I photographed this image. My friends have all asked me, several of them photographers. The simple answer–this isn’t one image. It is two

The history of photography Civil War Photographs Brady and Gardner

Lasting Impacts of the Daguerreotype

Lasting Impacts of the Daguerreotype In the past few articles of this series, we’ve seen how the daguerreotype came about but we haven’t really taken a moment to look at

Photographing the Supermoon

On Monday we’ll experience the largest supermoon in more than 60 years. That’s not as long as we needed to wait for a Cubs’ World Series win, but it’s a