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The Illuminati meter connects to a smart phone or watch. It provide accurate exposures that camera meters can't.

The Smartphone Lightmeter on the Job

I just received a pre-production Illuminati incident light meter that uses bluetooth to connect to a smart phone. I am really excited to use it on a job… Why use

Exposure Tactics • Refining Exposure

The previous Exposure Tactics post, explored understanding the difference between how Lightroom, Photoshop, and light meters measure exposure. Now we continue to look at working with the files in postproduction.

Camera Bag Metering

More often than not when shooting in the mixed light of partially-shaded areas, such as under canopy or near water where available light can be a spotty mixture of shadow

Exposure Tactics: Incident Metering

My last post showed why it’s difficult to get the exposure right with the reflective meters in our cameras. They measure the light without being able to differentiate whether a

Exposure Tactics–Reflective Metering

Exposure can be really confusing. It’s particularly so with modern digital cameras. Why? The type of light meters built into cameras is a big reason. Those meters are reflective meters.

Using an External Light Meter

This tutorial is from a new class called Up and Running with Studio Strobes I just completed for It is co-taught with my friend Abba Shapiro. While often deemed

How to Photograph a Silhouette

This image shows the transition of a darkened silhouette, where the image was exposed for the sky, all the way to an image where the metering was set to the

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