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HDR: Is a Three Step Process

The biggest mistake HDR shooters make is trying to rush 
the process. Some think its as simple as shooting the photos and running them through a merging application. Others try

Merging Lightroom Catalogs in 5 Easy Steps

I have two computers – a beautiful 5K iMac at my studio, and a MacBook Pro that I travel with. My schedule can get crazy, especially when I’m traveling 2-3 weeks in a given month. It’s not practical to take my entire photo library with me when I travel, so I often find myself creating a temporary catalog on my laptop and merging it with my main catalog back at the studio.

Panoramas in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Slightly less controversial than HDR, panoramas are also possible in Lightroom CC. Panoramic images are a series of shots that are stitched together to appear as one large image, that

HDR in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Whether you love it or hate it, HDR is here to stay, and now built directly into Lightroom CC. For those unfamiliar, HDR, which stands for “High Dynamic Range”, is

Say Hello to the NEW Adobe Lightroom CC!

This morning Adobe announced a major update to Lightroom! The new version is called Lightroom CC, and is a part of the Creative Cloud. (For those of you not interested

No Shoot, No Surprises!

Image and Post by Rick Sammon Here’s the shortest tip that I have ever given: Shoot! The more pictures you take, and the more you experiment in the digital darkroom,

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