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Photographer of the Day: Giovanni Savino Photography

Category: Love Photographer: Giovanni Savino Photography Photo: “Wild Wedding” With a feel that comes straight out of a rock concert in the 70s, Giovanni captures the raw emotion of love and romance between

Photographer of the Day: Dan Luner

Category: Love Photographer: Dan Luner Photo: “Wild Wedding” In this image, Dan takes that faded film look and applies it to a wedding photograph, outside Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, PA. The feel

Photographer of the Day: SnapWednesday

Category: Love Photographer: SnapWednesday Photo: “Be My Valentine” This macro shot of a rusted fence shows the age that love often renders. The depth of field here is stellar, making the heart part

Photographer of the Day: David Morris

Category: Love Photographer: David Morris Photo: “candid.” Showing love in an everyday environment can be a great capture. Here, David captures a couple whispering to each other in their home. It’s