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Jamie Windsor

How to use nostalgia effectively in photography
What you should be cautious of in street photography
How chiaroscuro solves the dynamic range misconception
Eight simple tips to nail your composition

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8 IMPORTANT Composition Tips for Better Photos - youtube

Eight simple tips to nail your composition

Among the first important photography tips we are told is that composition is crucial to getting a great shot. To help us with this, there are now tons of tutorials that cover various topics like leading lines, Rule of Thirds,

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Building your pricing structure

Once you know what types of goods and services your photography business will be offering, you can develop a pricing structure for them. What do you need to consider when determining the price of your services? In this chapter, instructor

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Three reasons to add grain to your photos

Grain is a word used in film photography to describe the fineness of detail a film or paper is capable of capturing. Landscape photographers typically want the finest detail possible, which comes from fine grained films. Documentary photographers and journalists

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Composition in photography can be learned

Recently someone commented on one of my images: “I wish I had your eye for composition.” My reply: Composition can be learned. Art classes in high school and college helped me learn the basics of composition, color, lines, shapes and

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