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Photographer of the Day: John Sessa

Category: Sports Photographer: John Sessa “Gulfstream Park, Florida Derby Day 2018!” John gives a unique perspective at the start of the horse race — right as they’re pushing out of

Photographer of the Day: Cathy Seaver

Category: Sports Photograph: Cathy Seaver “Dressage” Cathy captures the beauty of horseback riding in this sharp, gorgeous image. The lighting here is spot on — giving depth to the horse’s

Photographer of the Day: daniel bailey

Category: Sports Photograph: daniel bailey “Heading to the gate” Daniel’s photograph of two horse jockeys chatting is one of my favorite sports behind-the-scenes shots I’ve seen. It’s simple and minimalist,

Portrait Tips: Use HDR For Softer Light

If you know anything about HDR, you probably know it shouldn’t be used for portraits. High Dynamic Range photography techniques usually increase the ability to see details, and nobody wants

A Fresh Winter's Morning by Murray Fox

Photographer of The Day: Murray Fox

Category: Nature Photographer: Murray Fox Title: A Fresh Winter’s Morning Too often, when we think of nature photography, we think only of wild places. Here Fox captures a wonderful, early

Old Soul - Copyright 2015 Doug Daulton

Staying Safe Around Wild Horses

Recently, I was reminded that most folks have no idea how to behave around horses. Too often, people assume they are gentle, docile creatures and many are. But, wild or domesticated, horses are half-ton animals who are built to bolt and, if needed, defend themselves with extreme prejudice.

Photo of the Day: Edge of the Mist

Category: Landscape/Nature Photograph: “Edge of the Mist” by Jeffery Newcomer Originally shared on the Photofocus Google Plus community right here. To learn how your work can be featured on the

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