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Self Assessing Your Photography Business

Guest post by John Van Steenburg In my last post we discussed “Knowledge + Action = Profit” and now lets look at four key areas of every business and see

Guest Contributors on Photofocus

As the new year rings close, we are opening up new and exciting opportunities to our audience. We know the endless amount of talent that is out there and I’m

When to Use Back Light

This is a guest post by Thomas Shue – Follow him on Twitter: Today I am offering you some tips about back lighting. Simply put, when light is coming

I’m Not a Pro, Do I Need a Portfolio?

This is a guest post by Stephan Bollinger – Follow him on G+: My previous article about the advantages of portfolio reviews has created a very interesting discussion.

Creative Uses for a Wide Angle Lens

This is a guest post by Thomas Shue – Follow him on Twitter: I know that most of you have heard of the wide angle lens before. And also

Review: Skylux LED Studio Light

This is a guest post from Terry White. Terry is a great photographer and an Adobe wizard. He’s also got a great workshop called “Master The Shoot.” The next one

When to Use Manual Focus on Your Camera

While most photographers rely on autofocus (even the pros), sometimes autofocus isn’t the right tool. Perhaps your camera keeps latching onto the wrong object. Or perhaps using the Autofocus assist

How to Shoot Skylines at Night

Austin Skyline at Dusk Dave Wilson A 3 exposure HDR taken around 9pm. I love the way the long exposure has blurred the surface of the water and the great

Combining Starbursts and HDR

Using HDR in the image below allowed me to reveal the details of the machinery as well as the colors of the sky. I shot the image using 14-24mm lens

Are You Tired of Your Image?

This is a guest post by Skip Cohen. Be sure to check out Skip Cohen University August 11-14 in Chicago. I know everybody would love to just close the book

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