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focus peaking

How using an f/2.8 lens can help you achieve ideal control over depth of field
Mirrorless Camera Maniac: Mirrorless Cameras Lead the Way in Innovation
Mirrorless Camera Maniac: Focus Peaking
Focusing on Birds
How to Manually Focus a Lens

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Young Eagles

Focusing on Birds

I do not consider myself a “bird photographer”. I just happen to photograph birds now and then. Usually the birds are relatively big shore or sea birds, and occasionally eagles. Usually they are fast-moving.  My cameras, a Fuji X-T2 and Fuji X-Pro2,

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How to Manually Focus a Lens

In this video, Photofocus Publisher Rich Harrington and Author Levi Sim show you multiple strategies for manually focussing a camera.  They’ll walk you through options like zooming on live view, focus peaking, and more. Plus you’ll learn how to get

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