Change Eye Color in Photoshop in 1 Minute

In a hurry? We’ve got you covered. In 1 minute, learn how to change eye color in Photoshop using a basic selection, masking, and Adjustment Layers. Disclaimer: This is just

Quick Tip: How to Brighten Eyes

The eyes are one of the most important things when creating a great portrait. While there are several ways to brighten someone’s eyes, here’s one quick and easy way to

F-Stop: Tilopa Backcountry Photo Bag

Guest Post and Photos by The F-Stop Tilopa Backcountry bag is built for photographers who want to keep their gear safe while they hike. The bags extensive features easily match

“Restrictions Nurture Creativity”

Image and Post by Earlier this year I was able to spend a day in Victoria, British Columbia where I visited the Butchart Gardens. I brought my camera along but