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Electronic vs. optical: The viewfinder showdown
Quick Tip: Sunny Day? Mirrorless Shooters, Review the Photo in Your Viewfinder
Mirrorless Camera Maniac: Mirrorless Cameras Lead the Way in Innovation
See Like a Camera – Part-2
See Like a Camera – Part-1
Mirrorless Camera Maniac: You Need One Before 8/21/17

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See Like a Camera – Part-2

Shoot Mode Tone Control Picking up where I left off last time. Besides the Film Simulations themselves, The Fuji-X cameras offer additional controls for customizing the look of the in-camera jpegs! The Fuji-X cameras have what they call “shoot modes”

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New York Skyline

See Like a Camera – Part-1

Don’t just pre-visualize—see the shot! My “Re-Thinking the Raw File Workflow” post stirred up quite a storm of protest from photographers so thoroughly invested in a raw-file workflow that they missed the point of the whole post! So… consider this

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