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Duct tape

Studio Tips: Gaffers Tape is the Photographer’s Duct Tape

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mirrorless weight

Should you switch from a DSLR to mirrorless?

If you have been considering the switch from DSLR to mirrorless then listen up. Heck, watch this video. You see, it’s a myth that switching to mirrorless with save you enough weight to make a huge difference.¬†Unless, of course, you

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Stop squeezing yourself into a box

As photographers, we often want to squeeze ourselves into a box. We want to know how to define ourselves so our clients understand what we do better. While this might be a good idea in some instances, for the most

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Join us for our new webinar series!

Starting this week, be sure to join Photofocus for the start of our new webinar series! Every Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll be hosting a live webinar for you to join. Be sure to get your questions ready as we talk

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Product Review DNP DS620A Great prints without expensive ink!

Digital printing without expensive ink: The DNP DS620A

While the printed photograph is the final expression of a photographer’s vision, making inkjet prints is problematic and expensive. That’s why there are still labs printing photos. There is a printer company that offers affordable, ink-free prints for photographers to

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