Seven tips to photograph architectural exteriors

Last month, we talked about architectural interiors and tips on getting the best images on location. Now, let’s talk about architectural exteriors, as it’s a little different. For exteriors, it’s

Five tips to photograph architectural interiors

Editor’s Note: We welcome Michael Muraz, an international award-winning architecture photographer, bringing technical precision and creative passion to his fine art and commercial work. Based in Toronto, Michael travels extensively,

Photographer of the Day: Rudy Pilarski

Category: Travel Photograph: Rudy Pilarski “passage de l’inquisition en couleur” Rudy takes a different approach to capturing the neighborhood of Triana in Seville, Spain, and one that I find to

Photographer of the Day: martijnvdnat

Category: Travel Photograph: martijnvdnat “Silent City” I’ve never been to the Netherlands, but looking at this photograph makes me want to hop on a plane and take a trip! This