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BenQ announces upgraded 27-inch monitor with HDR10, HLG and Paper Color Sync
BenQ announces new 34-inch ultrawide monitor
Calibrating with X-Rite and BenQ
What I saw and loved at PhotoPlus
I edit vertically, don’t you?
BenQ impresses with professional monitors for wide array of budgets

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What I saw and loved at PhotoPlus

Aah, New York. Home to Broadway. Home to honking taxi cabs (and apparently, now Uber drivers). And of course, home of PhotoPlus. The newly imagined PhotoPlus took place last week. While the classes were missing, the trade show was more

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Erin Holmstead Photography-11

I edit vertically, don’t you?

You heard me, right folks, I edit on a vertical screen and yes it’s as crazy as it sounds. However, for a portrait photographer like myself, it has been a game-changer. I generally take most of my images vertically, so

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