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What the heck is the exposure triangle?
Why knowing camera settings are helpful
Photography 101: Why do I want to control depth of field?
The Enthusiast’s Guide to Exposure: Aperture & lens choice
The Enthusiast’s Guide to Exposure: Depth of field
The Enthusiast’s Guide to Exposure: The aperture unit and settings
The Enthusiast’s Guide to Exposure: What is an aperture?
Why I only use prime lenses
Portrait Tips: Don’t waste your cash on fast lenses
DIY bokeh shape photography
Easy ways to create bokeh
How to get photos with perfect exposure 100% of the time

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Female photographer with camera and prime lenses smiling

Why I only use prime lenses

Why would I choose to only use prime lenses while there are many other great options out there? This sounds like a legitimate question, doesn’t it? Here’s how I became obsessed with primes! The one that started it all While

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Erin Holmstead Photography-82

DIY bokeh shape photography

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to take out your camera and make some fun images. I thought I would share how I take pictures of out of focus highlights and change them into different shapes using cardboard,

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Erin Holmstead Photography-79

Easy ways to create bokeh

Bokeh is a word you use to describe the effect of the blur or out of focus background that you get when shooting a subject. Simply put, bokeh is the pleasing or aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus blur in your

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Photo Math

Everything you need to know about photo math

Photo math isn’t math at all. It’s arithmetic. It’s adding and subtracting light. It’s also either multiplying by 2 or dividing by 2. That’s it. Photo arithmetic is easy. It all starts with a stop. What is a stop? A

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Shutter Priority and when to use it

Shutter Priority exposure mode is a fantastic tool for controlling how motion appears in your final image. This exposure mode allows the photographer to set the shutter speed while the camera determines the aperture. Most DSLR and mirrorless cameras offer

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Understanding exposure: The aperture setting

Exposure is the process of choosing the correct settings on your camera to produce a picture that “looks right;” not too bright, not too dark, and sharp where it should be. While your camera will figure all of this out

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Abstract photography turns motion into gorgeous textures

Motion in photography typically evokes concepts like energy, activity and restlessness. That makes it a powerful visual cue for portraying the frenetic energy of the world’s biggest and busiest cities. However, Munich-based landscape photographer and visual artist Roland Krämer was

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Tami Bevis, nature photographer

This week we’re getting to know community member, Tami Bevis. Tami is a photographer of many things. She rarely goes out without her camera in hand and makes an almost daily habit of photographing the world around her. Haven’t joined

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Luminar AI Quick Tip: Portrait AI - youtube

Master skin and portrait retouching with LuminarAI

With LuminarAI, you can easily master skin and portrait retouching, or gently shape a body thanks to the PortraitAI tools. Photofocus publisher Rich Harrington shows you how to get things done. Save on LuminarAI and get our free Boot Camp video

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