To go along with Perfectly Clear’s huge discount on its software, we’ve put together a Power Up package, complete with Looks and presets for you to get started with. Originally $179, you can grab this Black Friday special for just $49!

Perfectly Clear is great for fixing problems as well as stylizing images. These Looks and presets can help bring your images to life! Here’s what’s included:

155 LUTs for color grading:

  • Global Color Looks (just released)
  • Street Photography Looks (just released)
  • Teal Orange Looks (just released)
  • Wandering Traveler Looks
  • B&W Conversion Looks
  • B&W Filmstocks Looks
  • Film Grades Looks
  • Light Looks
  • Retro Looks
  • Seasons Looks
  • Split Tone Looks
  • Style Looks
  • Vintage Love Looks
  • Winter Looks

76 presets for quick adjustments:

  • Pros Toolbox
  • Split Tones
  • Wandering Traveler
  • Vintage Love
  • Food Presets by Joe Glyda
  • Solar Eclopse
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Cocktails Presets by Joe Glyda
  • Fireworks Presets

Save $130 on the Power Up bundle for Perfectly Clear! Visit the Photofocus Store to get yours today!