I’ve been a long time user of JPEGmini Pro, which helps shrink down JPEG file sizes to help save space and decrease website loading times while still retaining image quality.

I’ve used it in my workflow with their Lightroom plug-in to produce images to clients and update my website via Lightroom Presets. Capture One users though, had to first export their images to a location on the hard drive, then drag them into JPEGmini Pro in order to take advantage of the software.

In the last major update brought to Capture One, they enabled support for plug-ins. JPEGmini had been working with them from the start to get their software integrated to help photographers have a more streamline workflow when exporting images.

The plug-in is in its early stages — beta stages to be exact — but is available for download for existing JPEGmini Pro suite users to try. Just like the rest of the JPEGmini software that’s out there, software updates are produced quite quickly so I’m sure it’ll have a final release in the coming months.

The download can be had from their website: https://www.jpegmini.com/capture-one

I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this golden nugget if I hadn’t attended the WPPI 2019 expo and chatted with Mitchell and Tom at their booth, so thanks to them and hope they had a great trip back to their home base!

If you haven’t tried JPEGmini yet, they do have a trial for you to use on your own machine … or you can just look at their website and download the before and after images that they have up and see for yourself … (I may or may not have done that).