This week we catch up with a lot of great folks. Our main interviews are with Lisa Robinson and Bert Monroy who will both share techniques and inspiration. We’re honored to have Scott Bourne back on the show as a co-host this week and we even catch up with the creator of the Platypod Pro.

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Lisa Robinson

Lisa Robinson is a professional wedding photographer from Washington, DC. She also shoot boudoir photography for her clients. She’s been a small business owner sine 2006 and regularly shares her perspective and practical advice on She provides top-notch, award winning wedding & portrait services to the D.C. area & beyond.

Scott Bourne and Lisa Robinson talk about:
  • What kind of photographer and how long is Lisa?
  • What drew Lisa into Photography?
  • Why backing away from Video in her wedding packages?
  • What is the most important thing about breaking into wedding photography?
  • Is there an advantage as a women in the wedding industry?
  • What kind of gear does Lisa use?
  • Why don’t you need a bunch of gear?
  • Best way to break into Wedding photography
  • Where can you find Lisa?

Platypod Pro

Rich Harrington talks with the creator of the Platypod Pro. This is a cool tool that gives you an alternative to carrying a full tripod It lets you attach a full size ball-head without the need to carry a tripod. This lightweight solution is perfect for all types of shooters.

Rich and Larry discuss:

  • The origin of the Platypod Pro
  • Why carrying a full tripod on a long hike sucks
  • Shooting from unusual places
  • HDR Shooting Tips
  • Creating a Budget Dolly Shot
  • How to get results on a budget
  • Shooting timelapse in a desert
  • How to beat the tripod police

Bert Monroy

Bert Monroy is considered one of the preeminent pioneers of digital art. He builds his hyper-realistic digital paintings as a traditional artist would, adding color and texture, except he uses Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as his media. Bert co-authored the first book on Photoshop.

His film credits include work for Industrial Light & Magic, Pacific Data Images, and R/GA. Bert has taught the Adobe Photoshop Creativity Seminar Tour, and he is a popular speaker at many conferences worldwide. He is a member of the Photoshop World Dream Team and was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2004.

Vanelli and Bert discuss:

  • Funny story about one of Berts prints on a shoot
  • The work speaks for itself
  • Learning to stop and look at something and see it in a new way
  • What is Berts newest piece and how it came about?
  • There are three steps in his paintings
  • What can you learn as a photographer from Bert?
  • What advice would give to an upcoming artist?
  • How Bert interacts and learns from people?
  • What kind of classes does Bert teach?