This week we catch up with two photo experts. First up is Adobe evangelist Julianne Kost who talks about some of the hidden gems in Lightroom. Then we catch up with photographer Jake Peterson about his work in the field.

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Julieanne Kost

Since joining Adobe in 1992, Julieanne Kost has learned her craft through hands-on experience and now serves as the Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist for Lightroom and Photoshop. Her role includes customer education, product development, and market research for photography, digital imaging, and illustration. She publishes is the author of Window Seat The Art of Digital Photography as well as an author of Photoshop training with In addition, she is a frequent contributor to several publications, a speaker at numerous conferences and industry events, and a guest lecturer at distinguished photography workshops and fine art schools around the world.

  • What new features of Lightroom should you know about
  • Should you use one or more catalogues and why?
  • Controlling Dehaze feature options
  • What Lightroom mobile features do you need to know about?
  • Client review feature within Lightroom
  • Lightroom across platforms,other computers and devices
  • Saving as a DNG or RAW?
  • When to go to Photoshop instead of Lightroom?
  • Advice on starting with Lightroom
  • Tips on what we should know about Lightroom that we haven’t touched on
  • Where can you find Julieanne Kost?

Jake Peterson

Jake has spent his whole life in photography without knowing how much it was influencing him. From the time he was two weeks old, being carried around in his parents arms from one endangered species research project to another, to college where he discovered his desire for exploring the world and sharing it with everyone else; he was taught, trained, and studied under other photographers.

Now in his early twenties he has already earned his place in the photography realm, having numerous articles and photographs published in a variety of magazines and websites. Jake has become an internationally published Aviation Photographer with work being featured consistently in magazines in other countries. Having completed multiple commercial shoots Jake continues to strive towards capturing more romantic and interesting photographs further advancing his own knowledge and along with those that follow his work.

  • Who is Jake Peterson?
  • What kind of photographer is Jake?
  • What are some of the projects he has going on?
  • What kind of training did he have as a photographer?
  • What got him into Photography?
  • What does photography mean to him?
  • How his blog helped?
  • Why was Photoshop World special for him this year?
  • It comes down to you as a person and photography
  • Where can you find Jake?