Some things (read: Deals) don’t last forever. It’s the case for the new 5DayDeal Complete Photography edition.

What is 5DayDeal?

Run by the team (Griffin, Valery, Sydney, Brooklyn and Jordan), this world-renowned website partner up with some of the best niche leaders. Their goal? To create high-quality online events that benefit both customers AND people in need. In fact, 5DayDeal has already donated more than $1,500,00 to its charity partners over the course of the past five years! #MindBlown

How does it work?

The team collaborates with the top leaders of a given niche (in this case, photography). They build a platform to share educational content and make it available in more than 186 countries. Simply put, partners offer their best content, 5DayDeal creates a unique bundle at a VERY good deal price and gives back a portion of every bundle sold to a charitable cause.

5DayDeal bundle 2019 raised $40,000 for charity
5DayDeal just shared on their Facebook and Instagram accounts they’ve already raised 40k for charity from the sales of this very bundle. Their goal is to reach 80k. This is amazing.

What’s in it for me?

For $89 (for a package retailed at a $2879 value) you’ll get more than 60GB of very cool stuff including step-by-step video tutorials and classes, eBooks, Photoshop actions, PDF and PNG files to incorporate to your images. You’ll get freebies like webinars and masterclasses. You’ll also have up to 30% off the world’s most trusted photography website, including educating, software and online stores.

If I say Joel Grimes, Mark Condon, Matt Granger, Nick Page, Serge Ramelli … ever heard about them? They’re in it.

If I say Adobe, Bluehost, B&H, Creative Live, Rocky Nook, Think Tank, ON1 … you got the idea. They’re in it too!

Oh, and you’ll get a license for the new Aurora HDR 2019 software — which, by the way, is worth $99 itself. I’ll let you do the math folks.

OK, enough talk. How do I get it?

Head to this page and click on the “Buy The Complete Photography Bundle before it disappears FOREVER!” button (can’t you hear the drama echo in your head?).

5DayDeal Photography bundle 2019
Click the green button. (Simple enough.)

Then, all you’ll have to do — as in 99.9% of online purchases — you simply enter your billing and payment info. Once the checkout is completed, you’ll get an email with your access, download links, Aurora HDR 2019 License code and all your other goodies. As.Simple.As.That.

Bottom line

If you’re looking into upgrading your photography skills and learn from the best in the west, save money AND make a difference in the world all at once, stop reading this and get your own package RIGHT NOW before it’s too late.

The deal is currently up and running and will be ending in three days on October 8, 2019. #SaveGiveLearnRepeat