Note: If you want your own Photoshop World Experiences, you can. Save $100 with the early-bird discount by registering before June 24th.

I went to Photoshop World for the first time just over 2 years ago. I was still a college student, and was awarded a scholarship to attend in Orlando. Photoshop World was the largest conference I had ever been to, with multiple classes going on at once and an expo floor filled with the latest photography tools and software.

What Can you Learn

You can definitely learn about Photoshop and Lightroom, but thats not all. Take a couple classes to improve your photography with specific courses on shooting cars, food, people, animals, weddings, and landscapes. For my style of work, Ive taken a ton of lighting classes and even some graphic design ones too.

Portfolio Reviews

Before every conference, I load up my iPad with a bunch of recent photos, projects and things to share with everyone. You really never know who you’ll bump into. I don’t shoot any specific things, like a wedding photographer or a landscape photographer, so I can always show an image to somebody.

Last year in Vegas, I was walking around by the pool and saw Mike Kubeisy, a Hollywood portrait photographer. He loves to use shadows to add drama to an image and I was able to ask his opinion on one of my recent projects. Each year, Mike also works with the Portfolio Reviews group offering feedback to Photoshop World attendees on their images.


Just before I attended my first Photoshop World, I met super-connector Vanelli at a smaller conference. From the time we walked into the Photoshop World expo hall, he was like a magnet . . . people from all over the world came to say hello and introduce themselves.

Through Vanelli, Ive met just about every Photoshop World instructor, sports shooters from Florida and Pennsylvania, portrait photographers from California, camera club leaders from Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Delaware, and commercial photographers in Miami, Atlanta, NYC and Los Angeles.

Plus, its Vegas

Theres plenty to do in Las Vegas besides attend Photoshop World. In the past, Ive added a day or two to my trip just to explore some of what Vegas has to offer. And its not all parties. Theres great food, great entertainment, and plenty of relaxing things to do while youre there.

My Most Memorable Experience

At industry events like Photoshop World, sometimes the best networking and socializing happens without even knowing it. After Midnight Madness at my first show in Orlando, I was pulled out by a friend to go to Dennys across the street. Not 10 minutes later, who walks in but Frank Doorhof, Richard Harrington, and Vanelli! I think we sat there and talked for almost 2 hours. Keep in mind Midnight Madness ended at midnight . . .

I’ve been to 4 Photoshop World conferences so far, and my 5th will be in Las Vegas this August. If you’re thinking of going, save $100 with the early-bird discount by registering before June 24th. Most of the Photofocus writing team will be there, so let us know in the comments if you’re attending.