We found out about some great deals to get your week started. Check out some of our favorites below.

Manfrotto SD and CF cards

50% off memory cards until September 30, 2020. Exclusively on manfrotto.com.

Manfrotto is offering 50% off its professional memory cards for photographers, available in SD, CF and MicroSD. Cards are available in 64 or 128 GB capacities, and are rated at UHS-II / V90 II (SD), UDMA 7 (CF) and V30 I Class 3 (MicroSD).

Manfrotto’s memory cards are some of the strongest on the market, utilizing a solid molded design. They’re waterproof and dustproof, and built for extreme temperatures.

Genaray Torpedo Bi-Color LED 3-Light Kit with Case

$660.80 ($500 off). Purchase from B&H Photo.

Torpedos ready! New focusing bi-color LED lights from Genaray

This Torpedo Bi-Color LED kit includes three Torpedo Bi-Color LED Fresnels, each with 4-way barndoors, a multi-voltage AC adapter and a 7.2-foot light stand. A wheeled case is also included for storage and transport.

The lights offer for a variable beam spread, perfect for in-studio or on-location work. It throws a 75-degree flood output that can be focused down to a 15-degree spot light. For portability, it can also run on batteries in addition to the AC adapter.

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Rotolight AEOS Location LED Light

$619 ($376 off). Purchase from B&H Photo.

The 11.6-inch diameter AEOS Location LED Light is small enough for on-camera use, and has a profile of just 0.78 inches. It can be used in tight spaces or very close to talent, due to its cool-running LEDs.

Genaray Beacon LED Wand-Style Light

$199 ($100 off). Purchase from B&H Photo.

This 22-inch light wand from Genaray can help bring some magic to your work. It works great as a side light, rim light or hair light, and generates no heat.

It includes 312 LEDs at 5600K daylight, and includes a filter to change it to 3200K tungsten. Intensity is flexible as well, dimming from 10-100% while maintaining a high CRI rating of 95.2 for accurate color rendering.

Angler BoomBox Octagonal Softbox with Bowens Mount (48″)

$99.95 ($159.05 off). Purchase from B&H Photo.

Featuring a one-piece design that opens in seconds, the 48-inch BoomBox from Angler lets you light your subject with the type of softbox that’s a favorite for portrait and fashion photographers. It employs an integrated aluminum Bowens speed ring and supports rods that are attached to the umbrella mechanism to keep the softbox taut.