This week’s podcast takes a pass through Las Vegas. You’ll hear from three members of the Photofocus team on their thoughts about new gear announced at the show. Then Levi Sim catches up Arizona Highways Magazine and Jeff Kida. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”175″ iframe=”true” /]

NAB Show New Gear

The staff of Photofocus descended upon the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas. Every major camera and lens manufacturer was there showing off a lot of gear that photographers will love. Pamela Berry, Levi Sim, and Doug Daulton sit down for a roundtable discussion on their favorite discoveries.

  • Whats exciting from BlackMagic?
  • Leica has a mirrorless system with a low price
  • Other price shockers
  • A new brand of lenses for Micro four thirds
  • Why are we frustrated with Canon?
  • What products will be big this year.
  • Parting thoughts
  • More about NAB

Jeff Kida from Arizona Highways Magazine

Levi Sim and Jeff Kida sit down to talk about Arizona Highways Magazine as well as the workshops that are planned. Learn more about this prestigious magazine and how photo workshops are managed.

  • The history of the magazine
  • What kinds of photographers does Jeff like?
  • What is he photographing lately?
  • Setting goals as photographers
  • Two goals that we can pursue?
  • Finding your vision and don’t be in a hurry
  • When Im shooting at my best, Im outside of myself
  • What has Jeff noticed that’s changed over the years with photography?
  • Benefits of going to workshops
  • “We all have stories to tell”
  • Photography is a vehicle for story and change
  • How do you get published in Arizona Highways magazine?