Radiant Photo Mobile is available for free download for a limited time in the Radiant Photo Mobile Beta Community. Like Radiant Photo for desktop, the mobile version of the app does a great job with RAW files. Let’s take a look and see how you can bring out the radiance of your photos which on the go.

To edit RAW photos with Radiant Photo Mobile, you first need to get your RAW files onto your phone. Depending on your camera you might have a wireless solution for this (I don’t – my gear is old!). Even if you have WiFi transfer, the method I’m about to show you may be faster and easier.

Copy RAW photos to your phone without using a computer

With your phone you might have received one of these handy tools in the box.

usb adapter for phone
An adapter like this lets you plug in USB devices to your mobile phone.

It’s a USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter. The adapter comes with some phones so you can use a standard USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable (like a charging cable) to transfer your old phone data to your new phone. But they are useful for a lot more than that. You can use it to connect a mouse or a keyboard to your phone or, a memory card reader.

connect phone to memory card reader
With a card reader you can download photos directly from your camera to your phone, without needing a laptop.

With a card reader and the USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter, you can copy photos from your camera’s memory card to your phone. It’s a lot faster than WiFi transfer. If you don’t have a camera with WiFi transfer, it’s a great way to back up photos when you are on the road.

If you don’t have one of these adapters you can get one here. And you’ll also need a card reader. Get one here if you don’t have one already!

Set up a dedicated folder on your phone or your phone’s MicroSD card for your camera photos. Transfer over the photos you want to edit using the adapter and card reader.

Get started editing RAW photos with Radiant Photo Mobile

Because Radiant Photo Mobile opens on your gallery, you can easily grab all your recently copied RAW photos into one batch.

edit raw photos with radiant photo mobile
If you click the single photo icon you can choose which folder to view, and clicking the stacked photo icon lets you select a batch for editing.

Select the stacked photo icon to choose multiple photos for editing. Radiant Photo Mobile will start working on applying automatically selected edits to your photos.

The AI-powered edits are applied first. Radiant Photo Mobile will detect what’s in the photo and correctly expose the photograph, as if it were your own darkroom expert in your pocket.

You can adjust how you edit RAW photos with Radiant Photo Mobile by changing the Enhance selection to another mode, turning it up or down as desired. Of course, you can then dive into details, making aesthetic tweaks in the Develop settings.

Develop settings in Radiant Photo Mobile

The Develop settings apply changes to your photo generally within the parameters of a good exposure. For example, in Develop > Tone > Exposure you can adjust the exposure from 0 to 100 without turning the photo completely black or completely blown out. It adjusts within a range for that specific photo.

develop app mobile
The Develop settings are where you can fine-tune how the auto-selected edits are applied to your photos.

I usually like to increase the Super Contrast on my photos (Develop > Tone > Super Contrast). I also make some tweaks to Vibrancy and Sky or Foliage Enhance (find all of these in Develop > Color).

Radiant Photo Mobile previews the edits you make to your RAW files with the same blazing fast speed as your mobile phone photos.

Portrait settings in Radiant Photo Mobile

The Portrait settings are where you can adjust the appearance of skin, teeth and more. All of your selections can be fine-tuned to taste. For example I don’t like skin looking too smooth, so after choosing a preset, I hit the adjustment sliders on the preset tile to fine-tune what I want changed.

Portrait retouch mobile app
The Portrait settings are like having your own personal re-toucher in your pocket.

This gives you a lot of power to enhance photos before going onto social media, for example, choosing the perfect balance for your style.

The portrait settings have a combination of options that will work across different skin types, ages, and so on, so cover all your retouching needs.

Choosing LOOKs to take your photos to the next level

LOOKs are Radiant Photo’s color grading options and they are in Radiant Photo Mobile too. These are great for creating emotional effects with your photos, or bringing out your subject.

looks radiant photo mobile
LOOKs in Radiant Photo and the mobile version are applied separately to the Enhance, Develop and Portrait settings, which means each can be independently adjusted.

LOOKs are unique color grading presets that apply over your Enhance, Develop and Portrait settings, without changing them. They are separate from each other which makes it easy to fine-tune and adjust your image’s final look. (This is in comparison to Lightroom, for example, where presets can include develop settings as well as color grading in one preset.)

These can be adjusted further by tapping the LOOK a second time and fine-tuning the settings.

Help test the Beta for Radiant Photo Mobile

Being able to edit your RAW photos on your phone will make Radiant Photo Mobile a useful tool for travel photographers, influencers and wedding photographers who work away from their main machine a lot. With large memory cards and onboard hard-drives, your phone is a useful backup tool, too.

Give editing RAW photos with Radiant Photo Mobile a go for yourself, and see the power that this fast, effective app has to quickly develop your photos on the go.

Remember, for a limited time you can get it for free by joining the Radiant Photo Mobile Beta Community and contributing to improving the app before release.