Have you ever thought about how your style or choice of music changes, depending on what you are doing? It has been thought for a while now that mood and music are closely related.

For instance, listening to a sad song while you’re sad, or a happy song when you’re feeling happy. But listening to happy music when you’re actually feeling sad can improve your mood, but it is also thought to improve your perception too. Recent scientific research has shown that different types of music can improve focus, reduce stress and alter moods. So it might be worth taking another look at what you are listening to?

Music has been known to bring Dementia patients out of their shells, boosting their mood and self-confidence. Especially when it comes to playing musical instruments. Music therapy plays a big part in mental health. A 2012 study reported that ambient noise at a moderate volume of about 70 decibels, could improve creativity. Instrumental music could be a type of ambient, soothing noise to improve not just mood, but also boost productivity and creativity. While listening to anything louder can result in reduced creativity through distraction.

So what am I currently listening to?

I have two go-to albums at the moment, granted neither of them is going to be to everyone’s taste, but perhaps if you have not heard any of them before, it might be worth checking out?

Kaleo — “Surface Sounds.” It gets my feet tapping and singing along (OK so not necessarily a good thing lol), and has me feeling good in general. I find I can write, read and edit while that is also playing the album. Some songs more than others. Especially while editing in large batches. Even if I am doing housework or working in the studio I adore a bit of Kaleo.

On the other hand, Peter Gundry — “Composer (something like Aurora)” is my total jam if I am creating. If I am working on something truly creative I find need I often prefer something instrumental or uplifting but at other times something deep and dark. I have found so many creative artists on TikTok and YouTube — Violet Orlandi and Malinda are two others I am often listening to. Both are very different but both get me in a creative mood.

So next time you put on some music, think about how different music types makes you feel. Is it productive or a distraction?