Not so long ago, Paris-based photographer and “weird lens” enthusiast Mathieu Stern shared his insights on the Canon FD 35mm f/2. The concave version of the vintage lens is supposedly the sharpest that Canon made in the focal length. Vintage gear fans and film photographers must be wondering, what about Canon cameras? What’s the best 35mm film camera the company ever made? Enter the Canon F-1.

In his recent video, Stern placed the spotlight on this famed vintage SLR. First, he mentioned the most notable facts about the fully mechanical model produced from 1971 to the end of 1981. The F-1 was the company’s first professional SLR camera, designed as a direct competitor to the Nikon F and F2. So, it’s not surprising that it sported a modular system that supports more than 200 accessories and interchangeable parts.

Stern also shared some cultural references to the iconic camera which many regard as one of the best (if not the best) 35mm film camera. Among them is a giant working Canon F-1 replica that Swedish artist Sonja Nilsson made for an art installation! As with all the vintage gear he showcases in his videos, he also took the F-1 on a shoot to see if it indeed lives up to its legendary status.

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