Photographer of the Day

lighthouse in rough seas

Photographer of the Day: Frank Farrell

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Frank Farrell Photo: “Porthcawl Sea” Such raw power in this image. Nature showing us who is in charge. The motion in this was captured brilliantly and at just the

Steve Lavelle returns as the Photofocus Photographer of the Day with his portrait "Katarina 4".

Photographer of the Day: Steve Lavelle

Category: Portrait Photographer: Steve Lavelle Photo: “Katarina 4” An action pose in this portrait starts a story — an attractive woman in a potentially less-than-desirable place raises her arm. What

Photographer of the Day: Wade Brooks

Category: Architecture Photographer: Wade Brooks Photo: “Hunt Library in Black and White” Classic architectural photography! Note the perfected vertical line of the close corner, which then perfectly sets up the

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Category: Fall Photographer: Joe Photo: “First Signs of Fall” Sometimes a minimalist, subdued image can have a powerful impact. Joe’s capture of a leaf floating in the water is just

Photographer of the Day: Ivan Rigamonti

Category: Street Photographer: Ivan Rigamonti Photo: “Prime Tower” I can’t help but love a good black and white and this one by Ivan Rigamonti is stunning! I also can’t help

sunset over lake michigan

Photographer of the Day: Milosh Kosanovich

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Milosh Kosanovich Photo: “Any Port in a Sunset” What caught my attention with this sunset is the placement of the sun. I think a lot of photographers may have

Philip Osborne's "Lauren" earns him Photofocus Photographer of the Day kudos for portraits.

Photographer of the Day: Philip Osborne

Category: Portrait Photographer: Philip Osborne Photo: “Lauren” “Lauren” is a portrait that reveals and has its viewer’s asking questions. Why the ace of diamonds? Is Lauren herself raising her hand

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Goldberg

Category: Architecture Photographer: Jeff Goldberg Photo: “Chicago Theatre Lobby” Typically architectural photography utilizes exacting corrections to make buildings appear as designed, rather than how why would be viewed from the

Photographer of the Day: Ian Lewry

Category: Fall Photographer: Ian Lewry Photo: “New Hampshire USA – in the fall” When it comes to landscapes, I’m always a big fan of having something present in the foreground.

Photographer of the Day: Mark Coleman

Category: Street Photographer: Mark Coleman Photo: “Cheeseburger” This image by Mark Coleman titled “Cheeseburger” gave me a little chuckle. Feels like the guy with the sign knew exactly what the

potd outdoor swallowtail

Photographer of the Day: Don McDaniel

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Don McDaniel Photo: Swallowtail Nature is amazing and this photo proves it. First, the rich bright colors caught my eye, then the light shining through the Monarch wings.

Enio Godoy with "Eyes 2" is the Photofocus Photographer of the Day for portraits.

Photographer of the Day: Enio Godoy

Category: Portrait Photographer: Enio Godoy Photo: “Eyes 2” Questions: Does a portrait have to include the entire face? Does the person in it have to be recognizable? Our photographer of

Photographer of the Day: Bernard Spragg. NZ

Category: Street Art Photographer: Bernard Spragg. NZ Photo: “The Ballerina and the bucket.” Another great example of showing scale, Bernard’s capture is a bit more clean in terms of the subjects

Photographer of the Day: Stig Nygaard

Category: Street Photographer: Stig Nygaard Photo: “Tivoli entrance” Really enjoying this long exposure photography done by Stig Nygaard titled “Tivoli entrance.” Such a creative take on street photography! Originally shared

potd outdoor

Photographer of the Day: Engrooved Splash

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Engrooved Splash Photo: “The Quiet Silhouette” This image stood out for me as I was going through the albums for this month’s Photographers of the Day. It’s different —

"Untitled" a woman working a crossword in a coffee shop provides the Photographer of the Day from Photofocus honors to thesrpspaintshop

Photographer of the Day: thesrpspaintshop

Category: Portrait Photographer: thesrpspaintshop Photo: “Untitled” A candid portrait can be as powerful as one where the sitter and the photographer work together. “Untitled” shows off the eye of a

Photographer of the Day: Rudy Pilarski

Category: Architecture Photographer: Rudy Pilarski Photo: “profusion hight key” Rudy consistently delivers high impact and stunning architectural imagery, and this is certainly no exception. From the observer’s point of view,

Photographer of the Day: Thomas Clark

Category: Street Art Photographer: Thomas Clark Photo: “Untitled” With street art, I often find it important to give a sense of scale. And with Thomas’ photograph of this three-dimensional bunny, he

Photographer of the Day: Gino Domenico

Category: Street Photographer: Gino Domenico Photo: “Split” Gino sent me this picture and it gave me a little chuckle. He said he took this image on 6th Avenue in New