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What if we told you that there was a way you could reach hundreds of thousands of photographers who have a deep thirst for the knowledge and tools that you could help provide? Well, there is a way. Photofocus.

We are constantly searching for the best products and companies in the photographic industry and beyond to assist and collaborate in providing a powerhouse of information for our viewership. If you believe that your brand could help our audience succeed in their photography progression then Photofocus would love to collaborate and help our readers be educated on your product.

Photofocus offers a limited number of advertising opportunities to maximize exposure for the companies that partner with us on the website and podcast. Photofocus’ audience appreciates the ratio of content to ads which lets our partners and advertisers stand out. Our partners have reported increased sales, heightened brand awareness and improved status among serious and emerging photographers by sponsoring and standing shoulder to shoulder with Photofocus.

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NOTE: Please don’t use this form to ask us to enter into an affiliate agreement with your company. We do not generally enter into affiliate relationships. This is also NOT the form to use if you want a product reviewed. Reviews requested through this link will not be considered. Thank you for understanding.

Advertising approach

If you are interested in buying impressions, please read this blog post by Seth Godin. We are unlike other photography blogs because we don’t sell impressions. We provide a powerful influence and an intimate access to our ever-growing and loyal audience.

Online media is an exploding medium that has proven to get results. People now spend more time online than they do watching television. The photographers interacting with Photofocus make buying decisions based on trust. Photofocus has built that trust with its audience by providing great content for 17+ years. You can build on that trust by offering great value to the Photofocus audience as an advertiser, partner and educational collaborator.

Partner, sponsor & advertising options

How can we assist in growing your brand? How can we create an awesome and more powerful resource that helps you achieve your business goals while helping our audience achieve their photography goals?

Educational blog posts, (we don’t sell reviews) text links, podcasts, video training, webinars, learning centers, brand exposure, etc. are all options that we offer. All provide grand opportunities to grow your awareness about your company.

Photofocus provides banner ads, RSS links and text links. We also tie our advertising efforts to our large social media audience. Our goal is to provide the greatest value for all our partners. Please contact us so we can brainstorm new ideas involving integration of your ideas and our audience so that we can select the best option for your brand.

Pricing is negotiable and requires a minimum three-month, pre-paid contractual agreement. Pricing depends on advertising medium, size, position and frequency and whether or not it runs in both the podcast and on the blog and whether or not the advertiser wants placement in our RSS stream and mentions on Twitter. We’re flexible and open to new ideas and approaches. However, we do not sell editorial coverage. There is a wall between our editorial, and advertising department to protect our most valuable asset; our credibility with our audience. We do not participate in affiliate or CPC marketing programs.

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