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Last week I had the honor of co-leading a landscape photography workshop in one of the most beautiful parts of the USA – the Palouse. My co-leader was Gary Hamburgh – AKA “The Palouse Guy.” Gary has lived in the Palouse area for many years and has photographed there for most of a decade.

We were joined by a sold-out crowd of 12 enthusiastic photographers. The group had a bonus instructor. Bambi Cantrell, one of the greatest wedding and portrait photographers of our time also spent the week with us both shooting and helping to teach.

I personally don’t teach many field workshops these days. I’m getting too old to shlep gear around the hills at 4:00 AM! But this is one I am glad I taught. Not only did help my students get some great images – I got some too! That’s a win-win.

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But what really struck me was how much I personally learned. I learned from almost everyone on the trip.

Let’s start with Gary. Gary has been my protégée for about seven years. He’s as hard a worker as anyone I’ve ever met. His permanent upbeat, positive attitude made him a great learner when we first started out and those traits make him an even better shooter now that he’s gone pro. Gary has assisted me on several workshops but this time, I let him take the reigns. There were a few bumps in the road – which is to be expected the first time you lead a workshop – but Gary, as expected, handled them professionally and well. I learned that Gary is fully ready to move out from my tutelage. He’s been selling and showing work for several years now and is capable of leading workshops on his own. I’m proud of the way Gary has advanced his career and thankful that I had a small part in helping him move along the path. Continue reading

I’m only teaching a few workshops this year. One I wouldn’t miss is the Palouse workshop. The Palouse country of eastern Washington is one of the most under-photographed landscapes in the USA. It’s amazing and beautiful and the perfect backdrop for a field workshop. Thankfully, even in this economy, the workshop sold out and I’m […]

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