I own many Macs. I’ve owned every Mac since 1984 with only a few exceptions. I own iMacs, laptops and desktops. I can use any computer I choose. I’ve decided to spend the next six months using only my new unibody 17-inch MacBookPro (and a new 24″ Apple Cinema Display) as my monitor for any and all photography work that I do.

That’s really the end of the review. For those who don’t have time to read the whole thing, it’s safe to assume I wouldn’t choose this combo if I didn’t think it was a great choice. But if you want the details, here they come.

The unibody Mac laptops are the newest innovation out of Cupertino. At first, I thought it was just marketing hype. But there is a definite difference in these machines. They’re smaller and lighter. Really. In fact, while writing the notes for this review a few weeks ago, I had both the last-gen 15″ MacBook Pro on my lap at the same time as I had the new 17″ MacBook Pro on my lap. The new 17″ isn’t much heavier than the 15″. That’s a real shock to me. It’s about a pound difference. How they managed to get all that extra screen real estate and power into something that compact must have taken some serious fairy dust! Continue reading