This week’s podcast interviews photographers Cindy Harter Sims about printmaking and competitions.  Then we catch up with well-known glamour photographer Lou Freeman. Tune in and get inspired.

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Photo by Levi Sims

Standing at the base of a stanchion on the St. John’s Bridge in Portland, Oregon I realized that I’d really like to shoot with an 8×10 camera. In order to frame the picture the way I wanted, I had to use a 14mm lens, which gave too much distortion and foreshortening. I wanted the look […]

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Have you ever attended a truly great seminar? Where the impact on your life was enough to actually motivate you to change? A couple of weeks ago I attended Skip Cohen University’s THRIVE in Las Vegas, and it was just that sort of event. The best thing about SCU is the relationships you get to […]

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