Guest Post – Photos & Text by Quin Barrie

I’ve never been a fan of conventional camera straps, particularly the ‘garottes’ camera manufacturers include with their cameras. Aside from being as comfortable as raw burlap sumptuously appointed with ragged wire edging, neck straps have a tendancy to transform a camera into a pendulum of substantial mass; an unfortunate circumstance one discovers in instances like jumping down from a fence, when one is assaulted abdominally by their DLSR. A similar downside of neck straps, is that anytime grip is not maintained on the camera, it acquires the freedom to smack into any object within range, generally with demoralizing consequences.

In considering a solution many years ago, I fashioned one of those really thin camera straps into a simple elegant wrist loop. This worked great in combination with a compact camera bag worn ‘bandolier’ fashion. With this setup, I could carry my old Nikon with wonderful efficiency, storing or accessing with ease, and also keeping it secured to my hand when in use.

Fast forward a decade or so, when I got my Rebel kit with the full battery grip… Continue reading