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If you plan to print your photos, its essential to know that ratio to crop to.  Otherwise you may end up with unexpected results. What is aspect ratio? Aspect Ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height. The most common aspect ratios are 4:3, 3:2 Other aspect ratios, such as 5:3, 5:4, […]

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With the Crop Tool active, in order to preserve the cropped off area, you’ll want to make sure that the “Delete Cropped Pixels” option is not checked. This way, if you need to adjust the crop at a later point, and bring back some of the original data, you can easily do so. Disclaimer: This […]

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Guest Post by Rich Harrington – Follow Rich on Twitter Rich Harrington shows you how to use non-destructive cropping in Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Yes that is MY Corvette that Rich photographed at Las Vegas Motor Speedway :)) This video comes from the book and DVD – Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS6: The Essential Techniques for Imaging Professionals DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t […]

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Guest Post by Rich Harrington – Follow Rich on Twitter Rich offers a tutorial on cropping within the latest version of Adobe ACR DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t intended to be definitive – we’re not claiming this is the ONLY way or even the BEST way to accomplish this task in Photoshop, Aperture, iPhoto or any other post-prodcessing program. We’re merely […]

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Article by Ron Brinkmann

One of the quickest and easiest things you can do to improve a photo is to selectively crop it. The world (and the subject that you are photographing) doesn’t restrict itself to living inside a particular aspect ratio, so don’t restrict yourself either! I’ll spend a lot of time in my photo-editing tool massaging color-corrections and noise reductions and sharpening parameters… they’re very subjective and very subtle. But I find that often I can whip through dozens of photos doing quick minor crops in far less time than it takes me to color-tweak a single image.

Take a look at the nicely-framed shot at the top of this post. (We’ve had entirely too many bird-photos posted… time for puppies!)

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