Most bird photographers will post their best images and let you know how cool it is to photograph birds – me included. But most bird photographers will NOT post the images that they screw up and I guess I didn’t get that memo because I will. Sometimes you can learn more from mistakes than successes. […]

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My final Alaska eagle photography trip is close to an end. It’s been a great experience. My workshop sold out with lots of old friends in attendance. My assignments all went mostly pretty well. My hard drive is full of more amazing eagle images and lots of video. It occurred to me that some of […]

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In my last installment of the diary, I said I was hoping for some weather at Bosque del Apache. Well I got it – perhaps I should have been more specific. I wasn’t hoping for deep, dark clouds and driving rain. I was shut out at the blast off. There was no light. But I […]

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Photo and Article by Scott Bourne (Click here to see a larger version of the image.)

Photographing wildlife takes patience, practice and knowledge of your subject. In this case, I was also a little lucky.

I went to central Florida in February – near Palm Beach to photograph the many birds that migrate through and mate in that area.

On this occasion, I found this Great blue heron couple (Ardea herodias) displaying some great courtship behavior in a swamp.

To make this shot I had to know the following things…

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