It’s exciting getting your very first digital camera. Whether you have a DSLR, Mirrorless or even a point and shoot, learning it can be overwhelming. At times, it’s okay to put it in auto mode. As long as you are taking pictures, you are going to keep getting better. In fact, as I was learning […]

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Adobe released Lightroom CC/6 this week much to the delight of its loyal users. I put together a tutorial video that walks through a few of the new features, notably the new Brush tools with the Graduated Filter, auto pano stitching, and some other smaller odds and ends that you may have overlooked. If you have […]

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I have a personal rule I follow when I travel, especially when I’m in Asia: I get an early start. Sure, I have my moments when I need to sleep in, but it’s just after sunrise when things are at their best. So this morning I woke up just before sunrise, ate breakfast, and set out on […]

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It's not your logo or name that people might be tired of, but it could be your execution of various aspects of your business.

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This is a guest post by Skip Cohen. Be sure to check out Skip Cohen University  — August 11-14 in Chicago. I know everybody would love to just close the book on 2012, but even though we’re  half way through this new year, think about last year for a minute. As you analyze last year, think about […]

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We’ve all been through it. You head out on the family vacation, very excited about the chance to make some striking new images of a new place. But then you find out all the tours leave at Noon and the venues are all crowded.

Or you head off to photograph that nice field of flowers only to realize that today is very windy.

Sometimes, as hard as it might be, the best photograph to make is no photograph.

Bad light is always going to be bad light. And as we used to say, “The slides won’t get any better sitting in the drawer.” The same rule applies to memory cards. Continue reading